Lending Library FAQ

Q: How do I check a book out
A: There’s a simple form that you fill out either if you visit the physical library at Mica’s, or if you check out a book from the “mobile” library at the monthly SABS meetings.

Q: Who is primary contacts for the SABOS library?
A: The position of librarian is currently open. If anyone is interested in volunteering for the position, please let any SABS board member know.
Laurie Gist handles library matters at her store (Mica’s).

Q: When and where can I pick book up at?
A: ​You may visit the physical library any time that Mica’s is open. You may also check out books during SABS meetings if there is a librarian present.

Q: Can I donate books to the library?
A: Certainly. We’re always looking for fresh material. Some members donate books once they’ve learned all they can from them!

Q: Where is MIca’s located?