Dear Artists and Vendors,

The San Antonio Bead Society Board met via web last evening and discussed the effect the coronavirus is having on this city. In light of the factors discussed, we regret to inform you that the decision has been made to cancel BlingFest in September. The factors impacting this decision: reports that the peak of cases has not yet hit, talk of another ‘wave’ this fall, uncertainty when the SA Garden Center will reopen, the public’s fear of going to crowded, non-essential events, and last, but not least, possibly having a subpar BlingFest that will impact your bottom line.

To this end, we made the decision to cancel earlier rather than waiting until the last minute. We do still have the SA Garden Center reserved for SpringBling on April 24 & 25, 2021. SABS hopes you will come be with us at that time.

Booth Information

1) All applications must be made through the online application form. There will be NO PRINTABLE applications accepted. Spaces will not be reserved until paid in full. We will try and honor requests for a particular space but make no promises. If there are any conflicts, decisions will be made on who paid in full first, not who put in their application first. You do not have to apply for membership to the San Antonio Bead Society to participate.

2) There are limited spaces with electricity available. First application paid in full reserves a space.There is no electricity available for outside spaces.

3) Inside spaces will have 2 chairs provided with the designated number of tables as above. The use of any other display stands must be contained within the space paid for. The size of space for an artisan table is 6′ x 4′. The table is 6′ x 30″, so you have 18″ behind the table for your chair(s) and any other display.

4) Outdoor spaces are all a uniform 10’x10′ space where a tent may be set up and used. One artisan table (6’x30″) will be provided. No chairs will be provided though you may bring your own. You may also bring any other display items that will fit in the space. A battery operated generator may be used since no electricity is available outside. Weights for the tent are highly encouraged due to possibility of wind.

5) No refunds will be provided for inclement weather unless the entire event is cancelled.

6) Our floor plan is amenable to change and will allow us to adjust the set-up depending on the size/type of spaces selected. The plan is to have space behind tables for the artists and vendors to sit at and have no public walking behind those chairs. The small entry room (off the second room) will NOT be used for vendors.

7) There will be no booths on the stage. This area will be used for classes.

8) We ask that each vendor makes a donation to our raffle in the neighborhood of $10-$25 worth of product. It is not a requirement. This money is a fund raiser for use towards philanthropy (i.e. Donations to Food Bank, animal shelters, supplies for teachers of arts and crafts, etc).

For any questions concerning this, please contact one of the following people:

Lauri Eaton (BlingFest Co-Chairperson):
Jayne Heath (BlingFest Co-Chairperson):
Jeanine Hansard (BlingFest Communications):

or send us an email.